10 Best Seduction Techniques?

Written by Kalpna Manek
18 January 2012

I’ve just been reading an article The 10 Best Seduction Techniques.

Of course seeing a title like that I had to go take a  look. 😉

I’m not going to bore you with the details simply because most of it was just the basic of basic advice such as smile, laugh, dress well, make eye contact.

I don't like knocking other people's work but to be honest I was a little surprised as it was in a reputable newspaper and it did not include the most obvious piece of seduction advice.

Communicate your sexual attraction

After all a laugh really only communicates that you think the person is funny.

A smile can just communicate that you are friendly.

So it’s not just any smile, but the WAY you smile, that can send shivers down a woman’s spine.

It’s not the fact that you  are making eye contact but it's what you are communicating in THAT look which spells seduction or not.

After all I can smile a friendly smile, look in your eyes and scrub up pretty well, doesn’t mean that I have an urge to sleep with you.

How do you seduce with your smile and eyes?

When you are with a woman that turns you on, connect with your desire as you are looking at her, and then let her see that in your smile.  Your smile should say “I want you”

Your eyes should be saying I want you.

In fact every breath , every movement of your body should be saying I WANT YOU.

Women do it so well.

You know when a woman has that flirty twinkle in her eye, then she smiles slowly and lowers her eyes and peeks at you underneath her lashes?

What do you think she is saying?

It’s in the sway of her hips, and the way she twirls her hair slowly around her fingers, bites her lower lip as she looks at you, squeezes her thighs together and arches her back .

Every movement screams her desire. You can bet in her mind she is picturing you touching her, running your hands over her body, kissing her and it’s making her so hot that her body is singing.

Women have it easy. We are so much more in tune with our bodies, we just let it communicate what we are feeling and thinking.

Now it’s your turn…

Do the same the thing for her.

Show a woman your desire in your slow suggestive smile, in the way you look at her. Tell her in your eyes that you want her, the tone of your voice and the way you lean forward to whisper in her ear.

Don’t hide it.

She needs to know, she WANTS to know.

This is the first real step on the road to seduction.

So many guys don't and instead hide their desire until they are absolutely certain that a woman has given all the 'yes' signals.

Stop waiting for her and start leading with your desire, make your move. She may be happily surprised or she may not be interested at all. You won't know if you do nothing, and if you wait too long she'll lose interest.

Obviously if she is really not interested then respect her and back off.

You WILL learn from your mistakes.

But don't be paralysed by the fear of giving offense, she's the woman, not you!

You have nothing to hide. Stop being scared and trying to find 'techniques' that will work 'on' a woman.

Instead start behaving like a real man and be honest about what you want.


If you can’t take this first step of honesty then the others will be a lot harder.

I acknowledge that taking that step can be confronting.

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